TULSA, Oklahoma - Friday, police busted a massage parlor in a prostitution sting. Officers said at Touch of Serenity downtown near 4th and Main, the masseuse showed an undercover officer a price list for sexual acts.

It was the second massage parlor in less than two weeks where officers said that kind of activity was going on inside.

While some may be surprised one of the parlors was operating in a downtown building, police said prostitutes can be found in all areas of town, and many stick to the old-fashioned way of soliciting on the streets.

Last week, a Tulsa undercover officer busted Sakura Massage near Interstate 44 and 21st Street, and the owner received a ticket for allowing a house of prostitution.

Although some work in groups, many prefer to work on their own. Admiral Place - stretching from Sheridan to Memorial - is a hot spot for activity, according to Officer Darrell Ross.

"The guys know what they are looking for, and they (the women) are certainly advertising for it," Ross said.

He patrols the area and said some will sit on a bus stop bench and wait for the right person to drive by. The prostitute will call out to people driving by to see if they want to do business, he said.

Others head straight to a motel.

"They would sit here with their doors open to show they were open for business,"  Ross explained. “The Tonight Inn is such a hot spot because all the doors are facing in, so they can see when officers pull up.”

He said activity speeds up after the sun goes down, but some still hang out in daylight. I went for a ride along with the officer as he patrolled.

Officer Darrell Ross: "There you go.
Reporter Melissa Hawkes: “You think they are up to no good?”
Officer Darrell Ross: “There’s a good chance they’re advertising their wares - and that's what I mean by the outfits. Not a whole lot left to the imagination."

Although he had his suspicions after seeing one of the girls talking to a man in a truck, he said it's very hard to arrest a prostitute unless you catch them in the act.

Ross said, "It's a high bar for proving it, as it should be. You want to know they are for sure - they are prostituting themselves out there - opposed to giving it out for free.”

He typically will arrest suspects for outstanding warrants, or even traffic stops, to take them to jail - but it doesn't stop them for long.

"So they’ll have to go to jail for that but once they get out, typically, they’ll be back at it," he said.