TULSA, Oklahoma - Police arrested two women after spotting them driving a stolen car on South Memorial just after midnight Sunday. Officers started chasing them but said they decided to stop because the driver was going too fast.

Latisha Perkins and Meosha Carney, both 19, are in Tulsa County Jail.

Though the pursuit ended, the woman behind the wheel kept speeding and crashed into a power pole.

Officers said the driver was going the wrong way on Memorial near 33rd Street then turned east at 51st Street. When speeds reached over 75 mph, police decided to stop the pursuit on the busy Tulsa street.

"Especially Saturday night on  Memorial between that stretch of road is very busy, so it can cause a hazardous pursuit," said Corporal Kevin Warne, Tulsa police.

"It was terminated prior to the collision, but the bad guys were trying to get away, so they continued and they wrecked out."

Police say the helicopter was able to help officers find the two women after they crashed into the pole. They ran off through a nearby neighborhood.

The driver, Meosha Carney, was arrested on numerous complaints including eluding police, possession of a stolen vehicle, driving on the wrong side of the road, hit and run and malicious injury to property. An arrested report states she admitted to being the one driving.

Court records show Carney is facing a previous charge of joyriding that is pending in court.

Latisha Perkins was booked for joyriding and obstructing justice. She pleaded guilty earlier this month on charges of possession of a stolen vehicle and larceny stemming from an incident in August. She also entered a guilty plea in a case from March where she was charged with prostitution, records show.

No injuries were reported.