TULSA, Oklahoma - A man and woman have been arrested after a road rage incident that came to head in the parking lot of Incredible Pizza on Sunday night, police say.

Tulsa police say a group of people headed to a child’s birthday party were on U.S. Highway 169 when occupants of another vehicle apparently thought they had been cut off in traffic, so they began to follow the family.

After the family reached its destination at Incredible Pizza on E. 71st Street, an argument began over the highway incident and Damond Guyton got out of his vehicle with a gun, TPD says.

According to police, the victims noticed the gun and began to struggle with Guyton. During the struggle, three rounds were fired from the gun, but no one was hit, police said.

"The guy jumped out with the gun, and immediately my cousin grabbed him and pulled him from behind and the gun went off right there,m and that could've shot their kid," Rachel Webb said.

Her cousin, Russell Macias, had visible scratches on his neck that he says came from wrestling Guyton to the ground and pinning him until police arrived.

"I just tried to protect my family," Macias said. " I didn't know what else to do but grab the gun and try to buy them some time."

He was arrested for shooting with intent to kill. The driver of the vehicle he was in, Danielle Bates, was arrested for outstanding warrants and obstructing the investigation.