TULSA, Oklahoma - Police recovered a stolen SUV early Monday in north Tulsa.

Officers said a woman called them at 2 a.m. and told them three teenagers had stolen her Chevy Tahoe. She said she was in her home when she heard the Tahoe being started and saw it drive away.

She followed the Tahoe in another vehicle before losing sight of it.  When officers caught up with her, she told them a friend knew the three teens and where the SUV may be.  

Police went to Jasper and Martin Luther King Boulevard and found the Chevy Tahoe parked in the street with a flat tire. They also saw three juveniles, a girl and two boys, standing next to it. 

Officers said when the teens saw police they took off running. Police eventually caught up with them. They cited the two boys and the 15-year-old girl with curfew violations. They said they could not determine if they were the ones who had stolen the SUV.