Goblin Goodie Mix

1 Jar/Can Mixed Nuts

1 Lg. Package Fall M & M’s (Peanut, Almond, Peanut Butter, Regular)

1 Bag Small Pretzels

1 Bag Butterscotch Chips

1 Bag Candy Corn

1 Bag Pumpkin Corn

Pour in large Ziplock, shake and pour into serving dishes.

Carmel Apples (The Easy Way)

4 of your favorite apples, Sliced into wedges

1 Jar Carmel Ice Cream Topping

Pour, Dip, Enjoy!

Bluestone Chili

7 Lb.       Ground Beef

2 1/2      Large Onions, Diced

2 Tb.      Fresh Garlic, Chopped

1Tb.       Black Pepper

2 Tb.      Fresh Oregano, Minced

2 Tb.      Cumin

1 Tb.      Cayenne Pepper

4 Tb.      Paprika

5 Tb.      Chili Powder

4              Bay Leaves

1 Gal.    Beef Stock

2 Cups   Flour

Method:  Cook ground Beef, onions, garlic, and Black Pepper in Stock Pot until browned.  Next, add remaining ingredients, except flour.  To finish the chili, add flour to absorb remaining fat and simmer for 1-hour.  (You may use rice flour if you are glucose intolerant or ground flax to make the chili carbohydrate free.)