JENKS, Oklahoma - The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority is putting in a new type of toll plaza in Jenks that will make it one of a kind in the state.

When construction is finished next spring, the Peoria/Elm plaza on the Creek Turnpike will be the first to do away with cash and coin payments.

Instead, there will be all-electronic stations that take pictures of non-Pike Pass customers' tags, and send them an invoice.

Turnpike spokesperson Jack Damrill says if the pilot program goes well in Jenks they will look at installing more across the state.

One driver we spoke to is glad to see the coin baskets go away.

"You just have to always scramble through your extra area in your cubbies and your cupholders to try and find extra quarters, extra dimes to throw away into the thing," Bryant Sample said.

Damrill says Pike Pass will still be cheaper.

Even with expansion in the future, some stops on the turnpike will still take cash.