BOYNTON, Oklahoma - A Bristow rancher who had ten cattle stolen from his ranch now has his most valuable heifer back.

Rancher Kelly Klaus said she was found about four miles outside of Boynton after, he believes, she was let out of the trailer to lighten the load.

Klaus said a thief stole ten head of cattle; but, thanks to a New On 6 story, most were quickly found.

The rancher almost lost $35,000 worth of livestock – eight heifers and two steers – but the thieves’ trailer wasn't big enough to carry the ten cattle and had a blowout near Boynton.

Investigators said two neighbors stopped to help and were suspicious, knowing the trailer wasn't large enough to carry the heavy load.

They helped him patch the tire, and Manley went on his way. The same night, Klaus' story appeared on News On 6.

Klaus said, "One of their wives was watching the news that night and told her husband, ‘I think that guy you helped this morning could be the guy that stole the cattle.’”

Jimmy Manley is being held at the Creek County jail.  Investigators said they arrested him in Sapulpa, where he works, and that he admitted stealing the ten cattle.

Klaus said he did lose one steer in the trailer. He believes it fell down in the crowded trailer and couldn’t stand back up.