MUSKOGEE COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Muskogee County couple's wedding day turned tragic when their house burned to the ground while they attended the ceremony.

Josh and Sheila Huitt said they want to see it as a fresh start, but said it’s hard because they believe someone they know set their house on fire.

For 20 years, the home has been in the Huitt family. Now, years of photos and items are destroyed, but that's not all - items were also stolen and three of the family's pets were killed.

The house is standing, but it’s not a home. And from the burned furniture to soot-stained pictures and walls, the signs of fire and smoke are obvious.

Josh Huitt said, "This was the worst part of the fire, I imagine. You can see the ceiling has fallen through."

October 3 should have been Josh and Sheila's happiest day - their wedding day - but that happiness took a major turn.

"Everything at once, I was angry, I was scared," Josh said.

He said, after the reception, he went back home to drop off his disabled father and was stunned by what he saw.

"As we were coming down the road we saw all the fire trucks out here and on the street, and saw that our house was burned down," Josh said.

When the smoke cleared, three of the Huitt's six dogs were dead, two were missing, and a cache of weapons, video gaming systems, a TV and even a couple packs of soda were gone.

"It was all over Facebook. Whatever I posted, she posted, family members posted; so, it was all over social media, someone knew about it."

Josh said a bottle of torch fluid was missing - he thinks someone used that to fuel the fire. He also found a crowbar that doesn't belong to him in one of the rooms.

With the house gutted, Josh hopes to eventually tear it down and rebuild.

"For losing everything, I think we're doing OK. And I keep saying to myself, it's a fresh start," he said.

The Muskogee County Sheriff said they don’t have any leads on the fire, and haven't nailed down what caused it.

The sheriff said it’s important for people to remember to keep track of the serial numbers for their items, and even video tape it to have evidence in case someone tries to sell them.