OOLOGAH, Oklahoma - Scoop the eagle is back in the wild after being released at Blue Creek Cove boat ramp on Oologah Lake. Scoop has been healing at Wild Heart Ranch after being hit by a car in July.

After the accident Scoop was taken to the ranch to heal, and his caregivers weren't sure he was going to make it.

"That was the best release we had, and it was the worst injuries - the most severe injuries of all the eagles," said Annette King Tucker, Wild Heart Ranch.

The animal rehab specialists at the ranch have been slowly letting him strengthen with supervised flights until he was ready to be released. That was done Friday morning before a crowd of supporters.

Close to 50 people showed up to see Scoop fly the open skies again.

Wild Heart Ranch, located north of Claremore in Rogers County, is a licensed rehabilitation facility for all species of wildlife. Animals get medical care until they can be released into the wild, like Scoop. 

Annette King Tucker, director of the ranch, said they have given more than 30,000 wild animals a second chance at life. Learn more about Wild Heart Ranch and donate to help support them at their web page. Follow them on Facebook.