TULSA, Oklahoma - Three football players for Booker T. Washington, who have some very familiar last names in the Tulsa area, are trying to maintain their legacy.

Sometimes carving your own path out of the shadows of those before you can be tough, but for three Booker T. players - Kyle Mayberry, Rylan McQuarters and Tariq Bitson - they're continuing the legacy of their last names.

"All three of us are passionate,” Mayberry said. “I think it's just motivation for us. Us having family members that are older than us that have done well, and those letters, we just feel like we want to do better."

Mayberry’s uncle is former Rogers, Arkansas and NBA standout Lee Mayberry. Kyle has a problem with that.

"He could have chosen a better high school, Booker T. Washington, and he could have chosen a better college, Kansas University. And he could have chosen a better NBA team, come on, Milwaukee Bucks,” he said.

Kyle said he thinks he could beat his dad in basketball in his heyday; so does Tariq Bitson. His uncle is former Booker T. and TU standout wide receiver Dan Bitson - Tariq thinks he’s better than Uncle Dan.

"He thinks he's the man, but I always tell him that I'm better than him,” Tariq said. "I just thought that I have to top that, when I saw him at TU I was just like, I have to top that. He set the standard and now I have to be above that standard."

The third is R.W. McQuarters’ son, Rylan. Dad was famous for interceptions at Booker T., Oklahoma State and in the NFL.

Rylan doesn't want his dad's famous dreads, but aspires to be like him on the field.

"I wish I can do what he did. He's like coaching me up how to be corner, different techniques and stuff," Rylan said.

Overall, all three believe they'll come out of the shadows and create history of their own.

Mayberry said, "It's really a blessing, to have someone like that. And for me, I feel like I have to carry the legacy on."