TULSA, Oklahoma - A woman drove her SUV into a south Tulsa business Saturday afternoon. The Freckles Frozen Custard at 81st and Sheridan was badly damaged but no one was hurt, authorities say.

Emergency responders said the woman apparently mistook the gas for the brake, going up three steps and ramming through the front glass and bricks of the store.

The general manager says the majority of the damage was to the restroom wall.

In the crash, the electric supply to the surveillance cameras was disabled. The store manager says seconds before the impact, one of her employees had just come out of the restroom.

Neither the driver nor any employees or customers were hurt.

"Shock," GM Angela Smith said. "I was just like, this is gonna kill my business -- the whole front of my store is wiped out. First thing I said is 'Are all of my employees all right?' Because I had three employees in the store at the time."

None of the employees were injured and neither was the person who caused the crash.

Smith expects the store will be closed for at least three days for repairs. During those days, employees will lose wages and orders they have to fill likely will be delayed.