OKMULGEE COUNTY, Oklahoma - A burglary turned homicide is shaking up the small community of Beggs. Authorities continue to look for a woman's killer on Monday.

Okmulgee County deputies have been working the case since a woman was found shot to death in her home Saturday night. People we spoke to in Beggs say this shooting is tragic. They find it shocking that something like this could happen to a woman so loved and respected in the community.

Hours after the woman was found dead inside the home on Harreld Road investigators searched through tall grass near the home for clues. A few items were collected, but there's still a lot to be discovered.

"Things do not happen in Beggs," said Donna Mitchell.  

In this small town most people already know who the victim is. They say she's an ideal citizen and friendly to everyone. Saying this is a big loss for the victim's family as well as the community.

"It's really just surprising you wouldn't think her of all people or anyone in the town of Beggs this happening," said Bailie Duggar.  

Okmulgee County Sheriff Eddy Rice tells us the victim is a woman, but won't release her name just yet.  He says the woman came home Saturday night and interrupted a burglary.  Rice says the burglar shot the woman, then left.

People who live here say knowing someone was killed, is hard to accept.

"Maybe somebody running stop sign one of the little kids having a brawl, robbery isn't a thing, murder definitely not a thing around here," said Donna Mitchell.

Bailie Duggar agrees. And since a suspect hasn't been named, she's even more shaken up.  

"Knowing they haven't caught him or her yet and knowing they are still out, it's scary," says Duggar.  

As investigators work to solve this crime, community members know the victim's family will have it rough moving forward.

"It's gonna be very hard and sorry to even hear it," said Donna Mitchell.

We did speak to the victim's family, but they didn't want to talk on camera. Meantime, deputies continue to search the area and interview neighbors.  The sheriff's office is asking if anyone has information about the crime to contact the sheriff's office at 918-756-4311.