BEGGS, Oklahoma - Okmulgee County investigators are trying to track down a killer of a 62-year-old woman. The sheriff said an intruder murdered Becky Hamilton at her home in Beggs.

The victim's family said they can't imagine life without Hamilton, someone her niece, Melissa Smalley, said almost everyone in Beggs knew and loved.

“She loved embroidering; she made blankets for the babies that were born. She was just everything,” Smalley said.

Hamilton lived in Beggs for more than half her life and worked at Smith's General Store in town - always there to give a smile and maybe a little extra to eat.

"She cooked breakfast at the General Store for a while, and if you told her one egg and she thought you needed two, she'd give you two," Hamilton’s niece said.

Smalley said her aunt was working to make a living and was perfectly happy taking care of herself.

“Anywhere from remodeling to outdoor work, she does it all; she did it all,” she said. “Age didn't slow her down. Her knees didn't slow her down. If she could do it she would or she'd try.”

Hamilton had a son, grandchildren, countless friends and many other family members who are broken-hearted, asking why someone would kill a woman who would do anything for anyone.

“If they hadn't done what they did and they said, ‘I need food or I need whatever,’ she would have said ‘OK. Let's sit down and see what need and I'll help you get it.’ She was just that way,” Smalley said.

The Okmulgee County Sheriff, Eddy Rice, said Hamilton interrupted an intruder when she went home Saturday night. That person shot and killed her before running away.

But that's not what the family is focusing on.

“We go on...remember her. The way she was and not what happened,” said Smalley.

Hamilton’s niece said life without her aunt won't be easy, but the family will rest easier once the shooter is caught.

“Hopefully, the sheriff’s office can find who did it, and maybe we'll get closure that way,” Smalley said.