STILLWATER, Oklahoma - The Stillwater community and OSU Cowboy family are recovering after four people were killed during Saturday's Homecoming Parade.  A driver - suspected of being under the influence - plowed through the crowd, killing four and injuring dozens more.

Stillwater Police tell us of the four victims killed in Saturday's parade crash one is a 2-year-old, one is a 23-year-old and a two were 65. They released the names of 47 additional victims early Sunday. 

Those in critical condition include:

Shari Bates, 40 
Kelly Murphy, 41
Diana Rodriguez, 37
Leo Schmitz, 60 
Mary Annette Turner, 61.

Three juveniles, ages 6, 6, and 7, are in fair condition at Oklahoma City hospitals.

Police say Kelly Harrison, 27, and a 1-year-old child are in good condition at Oklahoma City hospitals. Four other people are hospitalized in non-life threatening condition. They are an unnamed 12 year old, Kimberly Harrison, 30; Diana Rodriquez, 37, and 35-year-old Dexia Zeng. 

Kayleigh Atwell, 20, and 55-year-old Steven Edwards are in Tulsa hospitals where they are said to be stable.

All other victims were treated and released from hospitals. The number of dead and injured now totals 51.

Stillwater police say 23-year-old Nakita Prabhakar Nakal died after the crash. She was a masters student at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond.
Bonnie Stone and Marvin Stone of Stillwater, both 65, also died.

According to the Oklahoma State website, Marvin was an OSU professor who retired in 2006, and Bonnie was his wife. Dr. Stone was a professor of Electrical, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering.

The fourth victim is 2-year-old Nash Lucas. His family tells us his mother, a current OSU student, is thankful for everyone's support and prayers.

It all happened near the last stretch of the parade. Witnesses say they saw the car, driven by Adacia Chambers, crash through the crowd - running several people over.

"We can kind of hear a little screaming, sounded like a vehicle accelerating, my daughter said it sounded like a gunshot and we all kind of course reacted to that, luckily this car hit a big pole I think it would've hurt a lot more people," said witness Thom Busman.

Stillwater Police arrested Adacia Chambers for driving under the influence. Officer there say they are treating the crash as a homicide investigation. 

Chambers' father spoke out to address the incident. He tells us nobody is more shocked than he is that his daughter allegedly caused this tragedy.

"She's not a bad person; she's not an alcoholic," Floyd Chambers said. "This is just a tragic thing that happened. I don't know why it happened."

A defense attorney met with Adacia Chambers Saturday night, her father said.

Stillwater Police say the blood test results for Chambers will take some time - then prosecutors are expected to set the charges. 

"Investigation into the cause of the collision continues," according to Captain Kyle Gibbs of the Stillwater Police Department. "Additional charges will be presented to the Payne County District Attorney’s office.

"All of the first responders, the City of Stillwater and Oklahoma State University family extend our deepest sympathy to the victims and their families," Gibbs said in a news release.

The police department asks anyone who witnessed the accident or who may have video of the collision to please contact them at 405-372-4171.