TULSA, Oklahoma - October is a transition month for us, from summer-like weather to fall-like weather. So far, we have seen several summer-like streaks this month while fall temperatures try to slide in.

On the 15th, Tulsa had a high of 90. That would be “normal” for us if it were the first of September. It’s safe to say that we are coming to an end soon of seeing 90 degrees on the thermometer here pretty soon. Cooler air is sinking into Oklahoma more frequently since the middle of the month and this coming week will be no exception.

A cold front swept through on Saturday morning brought a cooler air mass into Oklahoma. This cooler air mass has had some time to moderate or warm up but it hasn’t been able to make very much progress. The system to our south that is tracking along the Gulf coast is helping to keep us with a north northeast breeze for the next several days. That north breeze will help to hinder the air mass from warming. It will also be responsible for increasing cloud cover on Monday and Tuesday, as well as some additional shower chances

If we had more time before the next cold front, then we’d have a better chance of seeing warmer conditions. The next front looks to be coming in Wednesday morning. This will bring in another blast of cooler air just in time for Halloween weekend. As we head into our Halloween weekend, a strong system will be building over the southwestern portion of the US. This is looking like a large system with widespread rain and storms impacting the south-central portion of the county.

With the way computer models are setting up this system, the heavier rains could go to the north and south of us. That would mean more rain for Texas and after this week, they probably do not want anymore. Oklahoma is still in line for showers and storms this weekend and we will continue to update the forecast with the latest information.

When you go to pick out your Halloween costume, keep in mind it’s looking cool & wet. Layer up and keep the umbrella handy. We do not want any ghouls or goblins catching a cold!