TULSA, Oklahoma - People who work with an American Airlines mechanic badly hurt in the OSU Homecoming Parade tragedy are uniting to help his family.

The co-workers have set up a gofundme page for Leo Schmitz.

According to the page, 60-year-old Leo Schmitz and his wife, Sharon, were planning to attend both the parade and the football game. They said he had been in Stillwater only weeks beforehand to help deliver an MD80 aircraft donated by his employer to the aviation school at OSU.

Sharon received a leg injury and was treated and released from the local hospital. Leo sustained massive injuries when impacted by a large heavy flying object, likely a police motorcycle that was struck by the car. The keys in his pocket were bent beyond use, according to the page.

His co-workers say he was the first person airlifted from the scene to Oklahoma City and underwent eight hours of surgery. The co-workers say 

"Leo is a registered 'card carrying' clown, No Kidding!!!  He brings fun and laughter everywhere he goes.  It would mean The World to us, to have your help getting this Clown back on his unicycle/feet!!!!!!!!!!" the co-workers wrote on his gofundme page.