STILLWATER, Oklahoma - The District Attorney believes the woman who caused the OSU Homecoming Parade tragedy intentionally drove into the crowd of people at the parade, but her attorney says she blacked out.

A probable cause affidavit states Adacia Chambers admitted to being suicidal at the time of the crash on Saturday, October 24, 2015.

Her attorney, Tony Coleman, describes Chambers as totally lacking emotion, almost lifeless.

"I mentioned to her, yet again, that there were people that actually died in this incident and her face was unmoved, unchanged, no sign of emotion," Coleman said.

Coleman says two years ago, Chambers was admitted to a mental health facility in Wagoner. She was described as being in a zombie-like state. Chambers' father, Floyd, says he is heartbroken.

"I know the little girl I raised wouldn't have done something like this," Chambers said. "Something has happened, I don't know what."

Payne County District Attorney Laura Thomas defended her decision to "follow the evidence" and pursue second-degree murder charges, saying Chambers intentionally went around a police barricade to plow into the parade.

Thomas said, "From that point on, you have a clear visual field of countless amounts of people in the road, at the parade."

Thomas says she asked for Chambers' $1 million bond because she said Chambers IS a threat to the community.

"There is no evidence in our possession or that is indicated in the affidavit of probable cause that would indicate a blackout of any sort."

The district attorney asked for two weeks to file the four counts of second-degree murder. She says it will take longer to file charges on behalf of the surviving victims.