TULSA, Oklahoma - Nextdoor, the private social network for neighborhoods, has released a list of the top Tulsa neighborhoods for trick-or-treating.

For the first time, Nextdoor analyzed data from the hundreds of Tulsa neighborhoods that use Nextdoor's annual Treat Map feature to create this list. Find the map by clicking here.

The Top 10 Tulsa Neighborhoods for trick-or-treating, according to Nextdoor:

1.  Stonebrooke
2.  Maple Ridge
3.  Owen Park
4.  Sungate
5.  Forest Creek
6.  Swan Lake
7.  Sunwood Hills
8.  Florence Park
9.  Shadow Mountain
10. Fulton

According to the website, the top five cities in the United States for trick-or-treating are: Cary, N.C., Ann Arbor, Mich., Omaha, Neb., Columbus, Ohio, and Frisco, Texas.