TULSA, Oklahoma - As we reported on Thursday, an iconic store is closing after more than 100 years in Tulsa.

Miss Jackson's is a women’s shop that has been offering a slice of the elegant life to Oklahoma women since 1910.

Rick Wells stopped by Miss Jackson's and found the employees are hoping for the best holiday season ever.

Inside, it looks like any other day at Miss Jackson's at Utica Square. But, of course, it is not any other day.

The store announced on Wednesday it will close in January. But it’s not closed yet.

“We want to make sure this is a successful season,” Judy White said. And we want to go out with a..."

With a bang, she said.

White is the current president and general manager of Miss Jackson's, and she's most proud of her staff

“In the store, we have 41 people, 41 associates,” White said.

It has come a long way from the original Miss Jackson's lingerie shop downtown, which opened in 1910.

There are photos of Miss Nelle Shields Jackson, probably at the opening of her shop when it moved to the Philtower in 1941. The store moved to Utica Square in 1965.

As the sign says, this is the 50th season at Utica Square.

As we walked, White talked about why she believes it has all come down to this, she thinks it's perception.

“They have the perception that we have very, very expensive prices,” she said. “Do we have expensive prices? Yes, we do. But we also have some very affordable items, but people don't know that. "

Her hope is that in these final two months or so, people who have never been to Miss Jackson's will come in and have a look around.

All businesses come to the end of the road eventually, she said.

All day long she told me she’s been thinking of that Carol Burnett Show song about 'glad we've had this time together, but now it's time to say so long.’

“It really has been a great place," White said.