TULSA, Oklahoma - A sexual assault victim on Thursday told her attacker how the crime has changed her life.

Terrell Littlejohn had nothing to say in response before the judge sentenced him.

When the victim took the stand to read her victim impact statement, it was gut-wrenching and heartbreaking as she talked about the terror she and her husband felt when Littlejohn broke into their apartment and threatened their lives with a knife.

She talked about how she begged him over and over for mercy but he showed her none, so she asked the judge to do the same.

She talked about the guilt she feels for letting her cat out that morning and forgetting to lock the door, when a total stranger came inside and threatened to kill her and her husband, locked him in a closet and assaulted her.

She said, "He was bigger and had a weapon. We had nothing. To fight would've been to die,” and she thought of police telling their son they were both murdered.

She said she saw "evil and darkness in his eyes, like he had no soul, no hope. There was no talking him out of it."

She told the judge, "I had never seen this man, but he held life in his hands.

She said she's lost her job, had to leave her home and sell her car, has nightmares, depression, cries all the time and a part of her is now dead.

"I think one of the most haunting things is the statement he made to police,” Tulsa County Assistant DA Ben Fu said. “I'll edit it -- he said so many bad things have happened to him that it was time it happened to somebody else."

The victim told the judge she has been given a life sentence of traumatized memories and asked for back to back sentences, saying, "he will do this again, and the next time, the victim won't be alive.

The judge opted to run two of the sentences consecutively, which is back to back, the life plus 30 years, so he'll have to serve 85 percent of each of those before he is eligible for parole.

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