CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - Brothers charged in a fatal hit-and-run crash that killed a teenage girl and left her best friend injured appeared in court on Friday for their preliminary hearing.

Eight witnesses took the stand. Their testimony will help determine if the case goes to trial. Dakota and Gage Shriver along with their mother Dorthea Butanda quietly left the courtroom.

Their attorneys didn't want to talk, but a lot was said behind these doors, during the preliminary hearing in connection to the death of one Verdigris teen --Noelle New, and the injury of another, Miranda Talley.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys took turns questioning a long list of witnesses. Most focused on where the victims were found. Their conditions, and what the Shriver brothers and their mom say they did the morning of the crash.

One of those witnesses: the surviving victim. Miranda Talley.

"While she was in the pasture, she locked eyes on one of the boys and they saw her and they said why didn't you ask them for help and she says i saw that they weren't going to help me. They saw that I was hurting and they did nothing so I was gonna crawl to help," said Ann Rutherford, Miranda's mother.

Rutherford says the judge allowed Talley to have a therapy dog on the stand with her due to her ongoing rehabilitation. Rutherford says it's been emotional being in court. So did Brandy Whitmiere: Noelle's mom.

She says the case is moving slowly but based on testimony she's hopeful.

Whitmiere said, "She admitted that she believed the boys did it so um, it's kind of hard to dispute that."

We tried to speak to the attorneys but none of them wanted to comment just yet. the hearing will resume November 13th.