STILLWATER, Oklahoma - If it looks like Raymond Taylor runs like he's trying to earn a scholarship, there's a reason. The junior is a 4th string walk-on from Wichita.

"It's good that I get support now, but all in all I'm just excited to play the game," Taylor stated.

Taylor might see more carries this weekend and beyond after scoring twice at Texas Tech, showing his unique style on a 28-yard touchdown that gave the Cowboys their first lead in the 3rd quarter.

“He's kinda like a little rubber ball; he bounces around and he stays on his feet and keeps going. He's a guy, in my opinion, that needs more carries, based on the productivity that he's had up to this point,” said Cowboys coach Mike Gundy.

Taylor also drew praise for his attention to detail, covering a J.W. Walsh fumble late in the 4th.

The 5-8, 195 pounder has earned the attention. But despite his success, Taylor's mom would rather see her son play a different sport.

"She's the biggest supporter and she's all over Facebook telling me good job and stuff, but in the back of her head she's like 'you know you could still play basketball.' She just won't let that up," explained Taylor.