TULSA, Oklahoma - The search for a missing woman in the Dallas-Fort Worth area has Tulsa ties.

Christina Morris' parents live in Tulsa and have for years.

Now, a year after their daughter’s disappearance, they spoke with News On 6 for their first Tulsa interview, in hopes someone might help find their daughter.

Christina's mom, Jonni McElroy, describes her as smart, beautiful, a free spirit.

She had just graduated college and started working in advertising in Fort Worth. Now, police still don't know where she is, and her family is expanding the search to Tulsa in hopes Christina finds peace.

"I just...I just want to find her," Jonni said. "I won't believe she's not with us, obviously, until we're proven different."

But where is Christina? That’s the question she and her husband, Christina's stepfather, Ronnie, have asked since August 2014.

The last image of 23-year-old Christina was taken after a night out at the Shops at Legacy in Plano, Texas.

Police said she's walking alongside Enrique Arochi, who faces trial for her kidnapping after police said they found her DNA in his trunk.

Jonni said, "It's the toughest battle a parent could ever go through."

That battle is made harder by distance.

The couple calls Tulsa home, but, to search, Jonni has been renting a place in Plano since Christina's disappearance.

She thought she'd get answers at the end of this month when Arochi was set for trial, but it's been delayed until June, for more DNA testing.

"Just looking at Enrique's face and seeing no remorse and smirks and it's kind of like it's a joke," said Jonni.

It's been an exhausting 14 months for Christina's family, but, amazingly, they said they're blessed by the support of the Tulsa community, and want more help from their hometown - sharing her story, and keeping her picture public.

She said, "Think about what would you want? You would fight and you would not give up. And we're asking you to continue fighting with us."

The family has cards, bumper stickers and t-shirts with Christina's information on it. They also have billboards in Texas and Oklahoma, as well as a large presence on social media.

They want to share her story in the hopes that she is found.

You can get in touch with Christina's family by sending a message to the Help Find Christina Morris Facebook page. You can also visit their Go Fund Me site if you'd like to donate.