OSAGE COUNTY, Oklahoma - Neighbors were shaken up after investigators said a man killed a woman then led deputies on a high-speed chase that ended in Hominy when an officer shot and killed the suspect.

It started near Barnsdall along Highway 11 in the town of Wolco, where people said the suspect was dealing with a mental breakdown when he jumped out of a car, shot his sister and took off.

It was a frightening day for people who live in the tight-knit community, including the officer who shot and killed the suspect, according to Charlie Cartright.

"That officer, it's something that will affect him. I've seen this happen before with officers, and it affects them their entire lives,” he said.

People said the whole situation is bizarre, and one woman said she woke up to her husband shouting about a dead woman.

"He came in and woke me up and told me there was a lady in the back of the truck, dead," she said.

Her husband didn’t want to talk, but she spoke on his behalf.

"Bud went down there to help. The girl had been shot in the stomach, the guy said it was her brother who shot her in the stomach and he shot hisself in the face and he sped off in the car," the woman said.

She said, before the shooting happened, the suspect jumped out of the car, ran up her family's driveway and told people living in the home that someone was out to get him.

After telling the suspect they were going to call the police, the man ran away, but by that time the woman’s husband had gone to check it out.

She said the woman said her brother was off his medication and kept jumping out of the car.

"The guy pulled a gun out and held it to my husband’s face and my husband was able to speed off," she said.

She said when her husband heard two shots he came back and the suspect was gone. All that was left was the victim lying on the ground, dying, while her boyfriend screamed for help.

He put the woman in the back of his truck, but she was already gone.

"I couldn't believe it was real, and, you know, I was concerned," she said.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has taken over the investigation. So far, they haven't released the identity of the victim, the suspect or the deputy involved.

The people in the town said the benefit of living in a small community, is that they'll get through the incident together.