TULSA, Oklahoma - Police are looking for a driver who crashed a stolen SUV into power pole and ran off. The hit and run happened just after 5 a.m. Sunday at about 200 South Sheridan.

Someone crashed a stolen GMC Envoy into a power pole located on the grounds of the Sheridan Christian Center Church. The broken pole had a big impact on nearby churches and businesses.

Emergency responders found the accident while investigating "shots fired" calls at a nearby hotel. Firefighters determined people were actually hearing the sound of power arcing at the accident scene. 

Power was shut down temporarily Sunday as crews worked to replace the utility pole.

The effects of the crash were felt blocks away at a local restaurant where employees tried to keep the business open and operate in the dark.

Employees at the Golden Saddle BBQ & Steakhouse started icing down food and monitoring the temperatures when the power went out from the crash.

Owner Nasim Salari said some of the food had to be thrown away.

"That's the number one priority - food safety, that's the business we're in," he said.

He did what he could to keep the restaurant open during the breakfast rush.

"Sunday mornings we get busy and people do come and we have some customers come from a little bit long ways," Salari said. "They just come here and find out it's closed, so it's inconvenient for them; we're losing business that day; it's just not good for everybody."

The owner said it's the second time his restaurant has been without power by someone crashing into a utility pole.

"Accidents do happen," he said. "I don't want to judge what happened here or what it was, but apparently the person that hit the pole is not there anymore and they can't find them, from what I understand.

"That does make me upset that they're not feeling responsible to stay," said owner Nasim Salari.

Back up to the corner where the crash happened, Sunday services at the Sheridan Christian Center moved across the street to its recreation center because the main sanctuary had no power.

"We know the spirit of the Lord is here as well as He is over there," said choir member Dee Miller.

The pastor said they just fixed a gas line last week so they could have the heater running this weekend.

"When I got the call this morning from our Deacon, I said, 'Oh my, what's going on at 2nd and Sheridan?'" he said. "So I thought, well, we can make it work - so we immediately started making plans to go across the street at the Elllis Center."

Power crews tell us about a four-block area was affected by the downed pole.