ENID, Oklahoma - The daughter of an Oklahoma man killed last year in Egypt learned the man responsible for his death was killed in a shootout.

William Henderson grew up near Enid and was working in Egypt’s oil fields when he was killed.

His daughter, McKenzie Henderson, said the news about the ISIS leader's death is providing her family some relief. Now she just hopes ISIS can be stopped before any more Americans are killed.

Egyptian authorities said Ashraf Ali Hassanein Gharabli's group claimed responsibility for the kidnapping and killing of the American oil worker.

Henderson worked for Apache Corporation for 28 years and grew up in the Enid area. For a year, his family has been trying to get answers to how he was killed.

"You know, we had very little information to go off of. Still to this day don't have a lot of information of what actually happened," McKenzie said.

She said her father waited for her to graduate high school before going overseas with Apache.

"He was an amazing man. He did everything for his family. He worked hard. We were his life," she said.

According to McKenzie, her father moved to Fayetteville with his wife, to be closer to grandkids, and spent time fishing and riding motorcycles during his 30-day rotations home.

Egyptian authorities said Gharabli was tied to several other terrorist attacks on foreign embassies and the death of a Croatian engineer.

McKenzie said, "I don't know if it's necessarily going to bring a lot of closure. There's a lot of what ifs, what had really went on, what happened."

Months before Henderson's death, his employer awarded him for an engineering project he pioneered in Egypt.