BRISTOW, Oklahoma - A fire, likely started from an electrical short in a kitchen, killed a Bristow man Tuesday. Bristow’s fire chief believes the victim was trying to save his dog when he died.

The Bristow Police Department said firefighters got the call to the home in the 400 block of West 3rd Street just before 9:00 Tuesday morning.

When they got there, they found the man inside the home and fire and smoke damage contained to the kitchen and attic area.

Bristow Mayor Leonard Washington said he can't believe his friend of eight years died in the house fire.

"He was a super nice guy. He would do anything for anyone," Washington said.

Bristow's fire chief said firefighters found the 55-year-old man on the floor in the hallway of his home near 3rd and Ash.

The chief said it was a smoldering fire that appeared to start in the kitchen, possibly from an electrical short.

Ashley Bolin lives down the street from where the fire happened and said she woke up to the scene.

“We got woke up by it and we came outside looking...I smelled smoke for a little bit, but I didn't think anything about that," she said.

She said she was surprised to learn the man died in the fire.

"I think it's pretty sad, it's heartbreaking. I feel sorry for the family," Bolin said.

Firefighters said the victim may have tried to put the fire out because they found the water running in the kitchen, but they believe he died trying to save his dog.

Detective Kevin Webster with Bristow Police said, "We'll collect their evidence, and then we'll process everything, and the ME will do their portion of it and the state fire marshal will do theirs, and we'll put that whole thing together and figure out what happened."

Washington worked with the victim at a local oil industry manufacturing company. He said the man helped him with projects from time to time.

"It's sad for me to get the news this morning to learn of his passing. I'm really heartbroken right now," the mayor said.

Washington spoke with him on the phone several times, trying to cheer him up after his wife recently passed away.

"We're going to surely miss him," he said.

The mayor said the man has a sister in California and investigators are trying to reach her.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office, along with the Medical Examiner's Office, will determine what caused the fire and how the man died.