TULSA, Oklahoma - Nothing expresses appreciation quite like a hand-made quilt. Wednesday, the Northeast Oklahoma Quilts of Valor group brought 34 quilts to Burgundy Place to honor the veterans who live there.

"By giving them a quilt and wrapping it around them we can show them how much we honor the service they have done in the past," said Norlene Grigsby.

Blue Star Mom Catherin Roberts started Quilts of Valor in Delaware. Her son was deployed in Iraq for a year and she wanted to do something.

Since 2003, it’s been a national foundation.

Grigsby said, "All told since 2003, 127,000 quilts have been made and donated to soldiers and veterans."

So, one by one, as their names were called, the veterans were honored with a quilt. And then, in the middle of it all, there was an unexpected surprise...at least for me.

"We are honoring Rick Wells with a quilt," they said.

The quilts are made with love to honor veterans on Veterans Day, and I was very thankful.