JENKS, Oklahoma - Police found stolen cars, motorcycles and much more during the search of a Jenks home Thursday. Now, two men are behind bars, suspected of possessing the stolen vehicles and property.

Aaron Bennett and Andrew Rooker are both behind bars, suspected of possessing stolen vehicles and property.

One man, a nearby neighbor, owns a motorcycle recovered by police, and he said he’s thrilled to have it back.

Aaron Bennett and Andrew Rooker are at the Jenks jail as investigators work to get a hold of the people who own the rest of the stolen property.

According to Detective Michael Gauldin with Jenks Police, overnight, neighbors saw a lot of unusual activity at a house and called.

“They didn't think they recognized some of the vehicles and trailers in the area so they tipped us off,” he said.

Police went to investigate and found Bennett and his friend Rooker.

"All of them denied knowing a lot of what's going on, but they are being cooperative with us, and, fortunately, nobody ran," Gauldin said.

Gauldin ran the VIN numbers of the four vehicles sitting outside and discovered they were all stolen; two from Tulsa, one from Broken Arrow, and they are still trying to find where the fourth one came from.

When police went inside, they found even more stolen property - including outdoor lights from a construction site and two motorcycles, one belongs to Mike O'Dell.

“I figured it was already being torn down, being sold off or hidden in someone's house somewhere," O’Dell said.

He said he never suspected it would be a few doors down, in the kitchen, with parts scattered around.

"They had a closet full of parts, and then it was in the kitchen being taken apart and I was trying to find all the parts to make sure I have everything to put it back together," he said.

Three dogs at the home went to the animal shelter as police finished gathering evidence, and O’Dell walked his motorcycle home to start repairs.

He said his insurance was only going to cover about half of what he has put into his bike, so this is a much better ending.

Police hope to return to the rest of the stolen property to their owners very soon.