TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police arrested a man for crashing his car into a house then leaving the scene.

The homeowner is frustrated because the suspect is in the country illegally from Honduras, with no driver’s license and no auto insurance.

Not only did the driver leave the scene after hitting the house, but then his car caught on fire and he abandoned it in a Walgreens parking lot. Then, when police arrested him, the driver was laughing at them.

Homeowner John Noveskey, said, "The officer said, ‘You think this is funny?’ I said, ‘Of course he thinks it's funny. He's an undocumented from Honduras, has no ID, no insurance, knows he's just gonna walk.’"

Noveskey owns the house and rents it to a family who was home Saturday night at 8:30 when they felt the house shake. He’s thankful the couple and their child weren't hurt, but said the house was knocked off its foundation, which won't be cheap to fix.

"I want to see him prosecuted for what he did," he said.

Noveskey said, even worse than the damage, is that neighbors heard gunshots right before the car hit the house and police found a couple of 9-millimeter shell casings.

"The fact shells were found here and there was gunfire. Kendall Whittier School is here and TU is the next street up. Students bicycle here and jog through here every day. Any student could get killed by a stray bullet," he said.

He said this is not his first run-in with an illegal. Noveskey said his wife has been hit three times by different illegals with no insurance in car wrecks and, not only did they pay for all the damages, but their insurance company dropped them.

Noveskey realizes he probably won't get any restitution for the damage but, at this point, he just wants to see the felon sent back to his country, never to return.