TULSA, Oklahoma - Dogs can be great ambassadors and break down barriers between adults and children, which is why the Tulsa Schools police chief takes his dog, Sarge, everywhere.

At Peary Elementary, Officer Annette Williams taught a Drug Abuse Resistance Education class, or DARE.

The program was a part of Tulsa Public Schools for years, but was discontinued until new campus police chief Robert Swain brought it back.

"This is our pilot year for the DARE program," he said.

He said they have 700 kids in it right now, and Swain uses his 3-year-old rescued English Bull Dog to engage the kids.

"It's a great way for us to break the ice with them and connect with them," he said.

Not only in the classroom but, school events too.

Swain said the connection is real - the kids love Sarge and he loves to play.