TULSA, Oklahoma - A new product now for sale in Oklahoma is designed to give women a fighting chance if they're attacked.

A lot of women who are attacked say that it happened so fast they couldn’t get their pepper spray out of their purse or get to their gun, but the Booby Trap Bra lets you carry protection where you can get to it fast.

Jennifer Cutrona, the designer of the bras, was accosted by a man on a jogging trail in April. She said she felt defenseless and vulnerable.

"My world of rainbows and butterflies was crushed. So, that day, I went home and sewed a knife sheath into by sports bra," Cutrona said.

She got a patent and went into production.

One bra holds a small knife - it's reinforced so you don't get poked - and is just sharp enough to cut someone so they let you go and you can escape.

Cutrona said, "It's a V-shape and there's a magnet so it snaps in. I can do ten cartwheels and it's not coming out. A few women said ‘that scares me, a knife,’ so I came up with the pepper spray option."

She said some women don't want to carry a gun, or they can't always, depending on where they are going, so this is another option for some protection.

Geena Powell is the mother of three kids and said she likes having something.

“I have a concealed carry, had it about two years. Do I carry it everywhere? No. But this I could," she said.

Even though they're designed at jogging bras, they say anyone can wear them under any clothing. They say even though no one wants to think of being attacked, it's best to be prepared.

"Since I've had the bra, I haven't had to pull it, but it's there just in case," Cutrona said.

The idea is not to turn anyone into a fighting machine, but to give you something you can get to quickly that lets you escape.

Safety experts say, if you're attacked, the number one goal is to survive the encounter.

If you’re interested in the Booby Trap Bra, visit their website or you can contact Geena Powell on Facebook.

They’ll also be on sale December 5 and 6 at the Great American Arms, Gun and Knife show in the River Spirit Expo Center.