TULSA, Oklahoma - A car break-in escalated into a brief standoff with an armed man and dozens of Tulsa police officers on the lot at Jim Glover Chevrolet just as it was opening Monday morning.

Witnesses said the suspect, Glenn Piccolo, was pointing a gun at them and trying to hide at the lot after breaking into a car next door.

As the Tulsa Police helicopter searched, officers surrounded and swarmed into Jim Glover Chevrolet looking for an armed man hiding in a lot full of cars.

But according to witness, John McDonald, it started next door of the lot at another car.

“Guy tried to break in, alarm goes off, they've got it on video, and they confronted him, he ran off,” McDonald said.

The man ran to the Chevrolet lot where several salesmen saw another man was chasing him with a bat.

Ryan Nolan with Jim Glover Chevrolet said, "Told me the man had a gun, tried to rob him and was running over here to hide."

By this time, the police were arriving and setting up a perimeter to contain him.

A police dog was called in, but it was the helicopter that spotted him in the back of a truck that's now coated with pepper spray.

“They shot some tear gas into the back of the truck, he didn't get out, he sat there. I think one officer said he fired 15 shots at him,” Nolan said.

Even though the police knew the man was armed, Captain Walter Busby said they were trying to avoid shooting him.

“He did eventually surrender, we used some less lethal to convince him to surrender,” he said.

Police moved in on the suspect and finally forced him to give up.

Jeremy Taylor with Jim Glover Chevrolet said, “They threw the riot shield. He was in the back of the truck and like five of them went in after him.”

A witness snapped a picture of the 25-year-old suspect and said they found a gun and knife on him, which is adding to the charges he'll face.

He's had prior convictions for burglary and drug possession.

No one was hurt during the standoff.

Police said Piccolo did have a gun but it was an Airsoft BB gun.