TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa judge sentenced a former nurse to 20 years for raping an Alzheimer's patient in her 80s. Stephen Reed was found guilty of rape by force and fear and raping someone with an unsound mind. 

Reed pleaded guilty in October, 2015.

The victim was under Reed's care at the Autumn Leaves Memory Care Center in Tulsa. An affidavit states Reed admitted to having sex with the 84 year old but said he never forced himself on her and claimed it was consensual.

He repeatedly said she was handsy - she came on to him and flirted with him. Prosecutors say he picked a victim he didn't think would be believed because of her Alzheimer's.

"If anything, his position makes it more insulting," said Assistant District Attorney Kenneth Elmore. "It's more heinous of a crime because he's taking advantage of people at their weakest when he was supposed to protect them and help them."

The judge says Reed still blames the victim and minimizes his own actions, even with body language and facial expressions in court. He often looked incredulous as the district attorney called him vile and a predator.

 "I thought it was a pretty good example of his true character and what he thinks of this whole process," Elmore said.

The district attorney credited work by Tulsa Police Department's Sex Crimes Unit for getting the case to successful conclusion since Reed denied his actions at first.

Several of Reed's family and friends wrote letters on his behalf. His attorney argued this was one instance of Reed using bad judgment in an otherwise spotless 20-year career of helping people.

He said Reed voluntarily gave up his nursing license and chose to plead guilty, so is taking responsibility for his actions. He had asked the judge for a sentence of less than 10 years.

Because it is an 85 percent crime, Reed must serve 85 percent of the 20 years in prison before he is eligible for parole.