TULSA, Oklahoma - A historic renovation project in downtown Tulsa is delayed after extensive damage.

The TransOk building at 6th and Main is in the process of being converted into apartments, but the building owners said a company hired to install sprinklers caused an estimated $2 million in damages last month.

The owners of the TransOk building, which will eventually be called Art Deco Lofts and Apartments, accuse Hollon Fire Protection of leaving a water valve open, flooding several floors.

Built in 1928 and on the National Register of Historic Places, the TransOk building in downtown Tulsa is one of the more intricate examples of art deco in Tulsa.

The building owners, Art Deco Lofts and Apartments LLC, hired Tulsa-based Hollon Fire Protection to install the sprinkler system.

The suit claims that while doing that work last month, crews left a water valve open and, "Water cascaded through the second, mezzanine, first and basement floors of the historic building, damaging stonework, plasterwork and painted surfaces."

Court documents show not only will cleanup be costly because of the strict requirements when rehabbing a historic building, but, "The damage caused by the actions of the defendant has materially delayed completion of the project, and has resulted in sub-contractors scheduled to cease work."

In total, Art Deco Lofts and Apartments LLC anticipate damages to exceed $2 million.

We contacted Hollon Fire Protection but the company gave no comment.

The company's website shows a number of positive testimonials, but not in this particular case, where the suit claims, "The negligence of the defendant, through its agents, servants, and employees, was wanton, gross and extreme."

Exact damages that could be rewarded would be up to the courts.

In one of the last paragraphs of the suit, the building owners said they also hope this sends a message that architecturally and historically significant buildings in Tulsa should be protected and given the highest degree of care.