TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa County deputy went home safe while a shooting suspect is still on the loose. Police said a man fired ten shots during a traffic stop Wednesday morning.

The suspect hasn't been publicly identified, but deputies said they have a street name.

The shooting happened about 12:30 Wednesday morning. The sheriff's office said it started immediately when the car pulled over near 17th and Phoenix in a neighborhood by the OSU Health Sciences Building.

Deputies rushed to help when the call went out of shots fired at an officer. A police K-9 came, too, but couldn't follow the suspect who was last seen running off with a 9mm handgun.

The shooting started during a traffic stop over a tag that didn't match the vehicle. Deputy Leighton Boyd had to take cover as his SUV was shot six times.

Captain Melissa Tapper with TCSO said, "You can tell by the way the rounds were in the bumper and the grill that the shots were coming back. The projection is toward the driver’s door, so he was behind the car trying to take cover. He never returned fire, he was just trying to protect himself."

Deputies pulled off the front bumper to mark the evidence of the gunfire - two rounds went into the radiator.

Two other people were in the car with the suspect. The driver was arrested on city warrants while the other passenger was released.

Investigators said they don’t believe the two really knew the suspect.

"They have seen him around, they know of him, but they were just taking him from A to B when the car got stopped,” Tapper said.

Now there's a sign of thanks on the deputy's car, and the sheriff's office said he's going to be back at work overnight to start Thanksgiving Day.

Tapper said, "And this time of year we're all thankful for different things; we're all thankful that Deputy Boyd went home safe tonight."

Sheriff's deputies are still looking for the suspect. The driver was booked into jail on unrelated charges.