TULSA, Oklahoma - At LKQ Pick Your Parts, everything is on sale for Black Friday. 

You may have to deal with the weather, but you're not going to have to deal with the crazy crowds at your traditional Black Friday sale.

Billy Fulton and his friends are spending a rainy Black Friday pulling an engine at LKQ Pick Your Part on North Peoria in Tulsa.

But why do it on such a cold, rainy and raw day? Great deals make the weather not seem as bad.

"This is a guy’s version of Black Friday. To get it, come out here and pull parts while everyone else is out at the stores having their little heydays," explained Mounds resident Billy Fulton.

Black Friday and other holidays, LKQ offers 40 percent off on everything.

When they do, their crowds of shoppers grow from about 450 on a typical Saturday to 1,100 on sale days. People buy items by the wheelbarrow full.

"Every time they have one of these sales, I'm here, buying something.  You can't beat the prices on it," said Coffeyville resident Travis Allen.

"We're busy. I love the customers,” added shop employee Jackie Grissom.

Fulton says the deals are great. "This engine generally sells for about 1,900 bucks, and I'm going to get it for about 200,” he explained. That's quite a Black Friday deal. 

With 1,200 cars across 14 acres at the business on North Peoria, you can find just about anything.

“[You can get] transmissions, motors, tires, wheels, alternators, batteries,” says Grissom.

You name it, they can get it. 

So whether buying for yourself or getting an alternator or transmission for someone you love this holiday season, it's a different kind of Black Friday shopping that can seriously save you money.

LKQ Pick Your Parts sale actually runs through the weekend and they don't just do it on Black Friday. They do it on five holiday weekends throughout the year.