TULSA, Oklahoma - The community has been waiting anxiously for the new Rustic Cuff location to open at the Vineyards on Memorial. Monday, their wait was over.

Owner Jill Donovan posted a simple “Open” message on the Facebook page at 10:48 a.m., and to say there was a steady flow of customers all day would be a bit of an understatement.

“We pulled the paper down and there were 20 people standing in line,” Donovan said.

When asked if she was at all surprised, given the growth her homegrown company has seen in just the last two years, Donovan said, “To say it has taken me by surprise, it doesn’t, nothing shocks me anymore.”

The new showroom finished up a few weeks ago, but the public was kept out of the loop as far as when the doors would open.

Donovan said, “Nobody knew. Actually, when I woke up this morning I thought, ‘Maybe I should do it tomorrow.’ I just wanted to roll with it and see how I felt.”

Hours later, judging by the crowd and the people just waiting to meet Donovan in person, Monday was the day.

“They say the nicest, heartfelt, kindest words to me,” she said.

A handful of original employees are now up to 40 full-time and close to 100 part-time or seasonal positions.

Donovan said, little did she know, that months after purchasing the space they would've outgrown it.

“When I walked in and saw it completed I said I have to do another one, two or three or four, I can’t not,” Donovan said.

With a crowd of all ages, Donovan has generations of Rustic Cuff fans to keep up with, something she is grateful for.

“It has turned into a community, an awesome, big community that I truly love,” she said. “Every person I meet instantly becomes family.”