TULSA, Oklahoma - An 11-month-old baby is in critical condition and her mother and her boyfriend are behind bars.

Police have arrested the child's mother, Hallelujah Brookens, on complaints of permitting child abuse, and her live-in boyfriend, Nathaniel Watkins, was arrested for child abuse.

Tulsa Police Sgt. Mike Brown said officers received a call around 3 p.m. on Tuesday about a child in distress at the Parkview Terrace Apartments near west 61st and Union.

Brown said when officers arrived, they found an 11-month-old girl with injures consistent with being shaken. He said the child was taken to the hospital in critical condition and now is on life support.

After paramedics noted several injuries, police interviewed Watkins, who admitted to shaking her violently for up to 2 minutes, investigators said.

When she went limp and wasn't responsive, police said Watkins tried to wake her with a cold bath, and at one point left her on the couch and she rolled off, he reportedly told police.

Finally, he called for help.

Before Brookens was arrested, she said the baby recently had gotten a black eye, so she didn't trust Watkins and now wishes she never would have brought him into her home.