OSAGE COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Oklahoma Highway Patrol released dashcam video of the chase and shooting of a homicide suspect that took place last month.

Police said 20-year-old James Bigley shot and killed a woman before leading officers on a 30-mile chase throughout Osage County.

Bigley's mother said none of it sounds like her son.

On November 5, the Osage County Sheriff's Office said Bigley wanted to kill himself, and when his friend, Cajsa Camargo tried to stop and help him, Bigley first shot himself then shot her.

Video shows a Skiatook police officer first noticed Bigley speeding on Highway 20; and when police realized who he was, the chase was on.

Bigley led Skiatook PD, Osage County Sheriff's Deputies and OHP on a 30-mile chase. They finally stopped him about four miles west of Hominy.

It's not clear in the video, but police said Bigley got out of his car and pointed a gun at officers.

Police fired first.

“Shots fired. Shots fired, shots fired," you hear in the video. "Subject pulled a gun on Skiatook PD, They have neutralized the threat."

You can hear one officer call a loved one after the shooting.

"Hey. I just got involved in a shootout. I'm OK," the officer said.

Bigley's mother, Bunny Evans, lives in Fort Worth. She said she was on the phone with her son right before he died.

"He called me back and told me he wasn't going to make it home, and that he had been shot," Evans said.

She said Bigley moved to Tulsa to go to welding school. She said doesn't know what went wrong, and said there were no signs he was suicidal.

Evans: "I saw him two weeks ago and he was fine."
Annie: "So it doesn't seem like him at all?"
Evans: "No, none of this does."

OSBI said this is an ongoing investigation, as investigators are still waiting for Bigley's autopsy and toxicology reports.

We reached out to the victim’s family but said they had no comment.