TULSA, Oklahoma - Three men are in jail connected to a home invasion where a woman was pistol-whipped and held at gunpoint.

Police arrested two men early Tuesday after police said they committed another home invasion; the third suspect, 19-year-old Antionwine Farmer, was arrested Tuesday night.

Farmer told News On 6 he "didn’t mean to,” and “it was all a mistake.” Police said he, Yorico Jones and Martellus Smith were involved in the violent beating of an elderly woman.

Officers said they held an east Tulsa family of four at gunpoint and pistol-whipped an elderly lady until she was knocked unconscious.

"It hurts us just as much as everyone else because we realize this is our job to protect the citizens of Tulsa, so, yes, we want to get these individuals off the street," said Officer Leland Ashley.

Two of the men were arrested after committing a very similar crime on North Evanston Avenue Monday night.

The arrest reports say three suspects were armed with a gun when they opened the front door and forced an elderly woman and a man to the ground. One of the victims said they were handcuffed and their cell phones were taken.

He said their TV was stolen, along with other electronics and personal documents.

Similar to the Friday night invasion, police said the suspects loaded the victim's vehicle and stole their car.

The victim said Onstar, a GPS tracking device, helped lead police to the vehicle, and, to Jones and Smith.

Ashley said it was an, "Extremely violent robbery. They took over the victims’ house and beat this poor lady.”

The woman was 69 years old.

The arrest report says, "He picked her up and threw her to the ground. He then kicked her and hit her in the face with the gun. The victim lost consciousness when she was struck in the face."

It also says the family was tied up with an extension cord and, before leaving, the suspects put a couch on the family.

Tuesday, the Tow family released a statement:

“The Tow family is very grateful to live in a community that cares so much about others. We are still trying to make sense of what happened. We are common Tulsans, living here for about 20 years, and we love this place. When we started our family 20 years ago, we decided that Tulsa will be the place to raise our kids. We had heard of crimes here and there, but not as many as today. Reality is that we are living in a violent world. We want to tell our Tulsa neighbors to be careful, to be prepared, to teach your children to defend themselves, defend their lives and the lives of your loved ones. It is time for us civilians to stand against crime, just as our founding fathers told us to do so. We are free when we know how to defend our freedom. Our lives are precious to God, we are thankful that He heard our cries and our lives were spared. We want to give special thanks to the Tulsa Police Department, they did such a great job catching these criminals, Monte Cassino School faculty  and families, TSAS School, Carver School, Victory Hispanic Church, Faith Church and Travelers for your love and support."

One of the victims, Edith Tow, is a teacher at Monte Cassino. Tow said her mother was violently beaten and is expected to be in the hospital for quite some time. She said the suspects pistol-whipped her mom because she kept screaming for help.

The arrest report says her orbital bones were shattered and not providing structure to her face. Her daughter said she will need multiple reconstructive facial surgeries, which will cost as much as $100,000.

If you'd like to help with medical costs, an account has been set up at MidFirst Bank. You can let the teller know you’d like to donate to the Tow Family Relief.

Police are still searching for a fourth suspect.