TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - There are 13 people running for Tulsa County sheriff this spring, but one candidate said at least three of the men on the ballot are not qualified to run.

The election board will hold a hearing December 17th to decide the office previously held by Stanley Glanz for the past 27 years.

For the Democrats, the candidates include:

  • Rex Berry, a retired Tulsa police officer of 26 years.
  • Henry Jones, a man with 2010 conviction for threatening violence and warrants for a misdemeanor case.

The ten Republican candidates include:

  • Dan Miller, a Tulsa police corporal with 20 years on the job.
  • John Fitzpatrick, a businessman and a ten-year reserve officer with TPD.
  • Jason Jackson, a sergeant with Jenks Police with 18 years’ experience.
  • Vic Regalado, a sergeant with Tulsa police who's worked homicide and gangs.
  • Brandon Hendrix, a Tulsa county deputy hired in 2002.
  • Tom Helm, a retired 20-year veteran of the sheriff's office.
  • Luke Sherman, a sergeant with TPD on the fugitive warrants squad.
  • Erich Richter, a deputy of three years with 15 years private security.
  • Randy Pierce, a sergeant at the sheriff's office with 22 years’ experience.
  • Bill Reaves, who worked at the sheriff's office 17 years and rose to the rank of Lieutenant before being fired in 1990.

There’s also one Independent candidate, Arthur Jackson, a supervisor at the Tulsa County jail who's been there more than a decade.

Sergeant Jason Jackson filed papers challenging Fitzpatrick, Arthur Jackson and Jones, saying they don't meet the state law that says candidates for sheriff need to be currently certified peace officers.

CLEET said Fitzpatrick is certified but as a reserve officer, Arthur Jackson is not certified and Jones is not in their database at all.

Fitzpatrick said his good standing as a reserve clearly meets the state law requirements.

The election board will decide whether those three candidates are legally qualified to run.

The special general election is April 5th.

Then, the sheriff's election will come up again next November.