TULSA, Oklahoma - Hillary Clinton spoke to a full house at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame as she came through Tulsa on a campaign rally and fundraising trip. The presidential candidate showed a humorous side to supporters, joking that she knew Oklahoma didn't see many Democratic candidates for president, and that was one of the reasons she was happy to be here.

Clinton addressed more serious issues, saying she was the only candidate who has outlined a plan for dealing with the ISIS terrorist threat.

She promised to combat terrorism on all fronts - by making sure local fighters in embattled countries lead the way, not U.S. combat troops. 

"They (ISIS) want American troops to be massed inside Syria and Iraq again," she said. "That is not smart, and I will not let that happen." 

The war against terrorists must also take place online, she said, where radical extremists are fighting a sophisticated battle and gathering support.

Other plans for fighting ISIS included making sure anyone on the "no-fly" list is prohibited from purchasing weapons, and keeping Americans from turning on each other - including American Muslims.

"We need American Muslims to help us," she said.

Clinton touted her experience in the Senate and in promoting policies that have benefited the U.S. economy. 

"Our economy does better when we have a Democrat in the White House," she said. She drew on examples from Democratic administrations, but said she was not running on the past performance of others in her party.

"I'm not running for my husband's third term or President Obama's third term, I'm running for my first term," she said to thunderous applause.

Clinton focused on her economic policies for creating jobs, building and repairing infrastructure. She touted an increase in the minimum wage and equal pay for women.

She also promised to combat climate change. The threats we face from climate change are real, she stated, but investing in clean, renewable energy can also bring opportunities.

Clinton said she would make sure people's civil rights were not stripped away, against the wishes of the Republicans she opposes. She warned voters that if a candidate says they are against women's rights, gay rights and other civil rights, Americans should take them seriously.

"They want to turn the clock back on progress we have made," she said. "They want us to be out of touch and out of date when it comes to who we are in America today."

She also took aim at drug companies, saying she would make sure companies are required to negotiate with Medicare so Americans are not paying more for medications than citizens of surrounding countries.

Some of Clinton's loudest applause came when she addressed affordable education. 

Clinton's speech - originally scheduled for noon - was delayed twice before getting underway around 2 p.m.

She is also in town to attend a private fundraiser at the home of Tulsa philanthropists George and Cookie Kaiser.

Oklahoma's presidential primary will be held March 1, 2016.