TULSA, Oklahoma - There's something new for Christmas at Promenade Mall this year, it’s called, "Ben Sumner's Christmas Wonderland Walk Through."

Wonderland is in a vacant storefront near Macy's, and you can’t miss it, it’s the one with the animated figures in the windows.

The first thing you do in the walk through is to find your elf name on a chart by using the first letter of your first name and your birth month - mine was Jolly Angel-Pants.

Inside is series of scenes featuring figures - some animated, some not.

"I spend a lot of time calling florists around and malls that have gone out of business," Sumner said.

Sumner is a collector and said he has about 500 figures, and this gives him a place to show more of them off. He said kids young and old really like it.

"Being able to walk into Santa's workshop and see little elves, it lights their eyes up," he said.

The final scene is a life-size Nativity, remembering that first Christmas is particularly important he said.

All in all, Ben's Christmas Wonderland offers a traditional vintage feel to the holiday.

It costs $10 to go through the Winter Wonderland for everyone older than 3.

It will close for the season on New Year's Eve.