McALESTER, Oklahoma - A drone used to fly contraband into the Oklahoma State Penitentiary crashed into the barbed-wire fence before reaching its target.

Investigators found a photo on the drone of a woman flying it, but she, identified as JG in court papers, said she was kidnapped, forced to buy the drone and learn how to use it before sending it over the wall.

An affidavit says, while JG was visiting a prisoner at Big Mac, another prisoner told her to buy a drone or she'd be hurt. The money showed up in her PayPal account, so she bought it and began practicing.

She said she was told to rent a car and drive to a Tulsa Hooters where she said she was kidnapped and forced to participate in the plan to fly the drone behind prison walls.

The drone - carrying hacksaw blades, pot, meth, heroin, cigarettes, a cell phone and some super glue - crashed.

An affidavit says Clifton Wilson, or “Chili,” is a general in the 107 Hoover Crips and is the man inside the prison who ordered the drone.

Attorney Mark Heidenreiter represents Marquis Gilkey, the man charged with kidnapping the woman, said, "It sounds like a movie to me."

Gilkey has served time in prison for armed robbery and assault. The affidavit says he's a member of the 107 Hoover Crips.

JG says Gilkey and a pregnant woman held her hostage near the prison and threatened to hurt her and her kids if she didn't cooperate - even taking nude pictures of her and threatening to post them if she talked.

Heidenreiter said, "It's fantastical. If you believe in unicorns and leprechauns, you might get behind the story."

He said Gilkey denies being involved and that Gilkey's work records will show he wasn't where JG said he was.

Heidenreiter said Gilkey has been in jail on the charges for more than 40 days and could lose his job and apartment.

"He's a family man. This isn't something he would do," Heidenreiter said.

He said Gilkey's wife just came off maternity leave and got cleared to go back to work herself.

The case was set for court this week, but the district attorney asked for a delay to get the fingerprints and drug tests from the lab.

Next month, JG will testify, and Gilkey's lawyer will be able to ask her questions for the first time. Then, a judge will decide if there's enough evidence to make Gilkey stand trial.