GLENPOOL, Oklahoma - More than 30 people are without jobs after a Glenpool ambulance service shut its doors; the city manager said EMS Plus lapsed on its proof of insurance.

The closing comes a little more than a week after News On 6 reported some employees paychecks bounced.

EMS Plus Owner Matt Davis said it was a lesson learned and that the insurance lapsed because they got started on the paperwork too late and missed the deadline.

Either way, the building is now locked and its 30 employees are without jobs just one week away from Christmas.

Deanna Schonfield got a call from a coworker while Christmas shopping Wednesday.

“They said, 'Well, you might want to curb your shopping. We are closing the doors at 2 p.m.,'” she said.

Similar stories came from other EMS Plus workers who said they only got a few hours’ notice that the company was closing.

Schonfield said, “I thought we were solid. You told me last week we were rock solid and there wasn't a chance of this happening."

Others said they saw the writing on the wall as health insurance was canceled and paychecks bounced.

“We have a very dedicated group of employees - EMTs, paramedics, dispatchers - they all need jobs and this is Christmas,” Schonfield said.

Glenpool City Manager Roger Kolman said the company had until noon Wednesday to provide a current certificate of insurance.

"Noon came and we do not have a certificate," he said.

The owner said all employees will receive their next paychecks.

“We're supposed to get that check next Wednesday, and I'm having my doubts we will ever see it,” Schonfield said.

Kolman wants people living in Glenpool to know there will be emergency coverage from EMSA and fire crews.

“We may have an expected delay in transport, just cause it's coming from Tulsa, but our firefighters will be on the ground stabilizing the patient until transport arrives,” he said.

As for what the future holds for the more than 30 employees now without jobs?

Schonfield said, “I don’t know what I’m going to do. Knock on some doors and hope one opens."

The city manager said they are seeking a new provider for ambulance services, but that process can take time. Until that is completed, EMSA and Glenpool Fire will handle calls.

As for the owner of EMS Plus, Kolman said he is done doing business in Glenpool.