TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa's Woodward Park is celebrating the opening of a new Horticulture Center. The Peggy Helmerich Horticulture Center is opening as a new addition to the Linnaeus Teaching Gardens.

The center will provide additional classroom space for the Linnaeus gardening training program. It will also provide a place to store equipment used to maintain the garden.

"Oh you really don't know, I'm so shocked when people say 'Oh I don't know the Linnaeus Garden,' you know. I'm always saying 'Well come on and see it!" Peggy Helmerich said.

The $1.6 million project was made possible through a donation by the Helmerich Trust.

When asked what she thought about the proposed REI development at 71st and Riverside on what is currently Helmerich Park, Mrs. Helmerich said, "Booo."

She said her son and the rest of the family support the shopping center, but she doesn't like the idea.

The Tulsa City Council met to discuss the development Thursday, and News On 6 was there.