TULSA, Oklahoma - The confusion over the winner of the Miss Universe pageant is still a big topic of conversation. Host Steve Harvey crowned the wrong winner during topic of conversation. Host Steve Harvey crowned the wrong winner during Sunday's show.

Tulsa native Miss USA Olivia Jordan was the second runner up and was right there as it all happened. There were obvious signs of confusion, but eventually everyone regained their poise, including one of Oklahoma's Own. 

If for only a moment, Miss Columbia knew what it felt like to be Miss Universe, but that moment of joy was dashed as another stepped up to receive the crown. It was a shock felt through the room and across the airwaves. 

But following the shock, Miss USA, Tulsa native Olivia Jordan, shows even when coming in third, it's OK to be happy and feel emotion for someone else.

On her official Facebook page she writes:

"My heart breaks for our gorgeous Miss Colombia [Arianda Gutierrez] but I believe it is her destiny to do even bigger things this year and beyond! I have no doubt she will be unequivocally successful. And [Pia Alonzo] will be an incredible ambassador for this organization and is also a truly deserving Miss Universe," Olivia Jordan posted.

Michelle Kostas has been working in the pageant industry for 25 years. and owns My Pageant Academy.  She says, years of pageants and being coached builds character, courage and compassion into the contestants. But the ability to feel joy and pain for each other runs deeper.

"What a lot of people don't understand - these people they are friends," she said. "They have spent the last two weeks or so together, preparing for this competition, so it isn't just getting together for one night. They got to know each other."

For Miss Philippines and everyone else, this will be a night to remember.

Miss USA is in New York right now and is expected to be back in Tulsa for the holidays. We are hoping to talk with her in person when she's home.