TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa averages 1,000 burglaries a month, and most of them happen on a weekday during work hours.

Police usually have very little to go on, but, in one case, the suspect's truck was caught on tape.

Matt Mallory was at work and his wife had just run out for a few minutes to buy a Christmas tree when a burglar kicked in their back door; he was in and out in 12 minutes.

"I was very angry, to put it nicely. I didn't care that anything was gone, I didn't want anything back, necessarily, it's just the fact somebody invaded my space and home. It definitely shook up the family," Mallory said.

Like most people who work hard, raise a family and follow the law, Matt and Natalie were shocked and upset to have the security of their home violated by a criminal who searched every room, opened drawers and cabinets, even in the kitchen.

Mallory said, "Took four televisions, all the electronics, jewelry, standard stuff."

The kids were scared and worried the bad guy would come back, even the dog is acting differently. The whole experience is unsettling.

"To actually see on video - someone walk around the corner of my house, to my back door and go in, it's pretty scary. And somebody could've been here," Mallory said.

Video from a neighbor's camera shows an older model, F-150 with a long bed, pulled out of a neighbor's driveway and into the Mallory’s. The guy loaded all the loot through their garage, then took off.

"They pulled down the street and into our driveway liked they owned the place," Mallory said.

The neighbor caught a glimpse of the guy in the backyard, but it's very small and hard to make out. Mallory believes someone will recognize the truck.

"I don't care about any of the stuff; I just don't want anyone else's home or privacy violated. That's the worst part of it," he said.

As with most of these cases, in hopes of preventing this from happening again, the Mallorys are now upgrading their security systems and have talked to their neighbors about doing the same.