NEW YORK - Joe Anderson wouldn’t give up, and it’s a good thing he didn’t.

In 2013, after spending two seasons with the Chicago Bears, the former Texas Southern wide receiver was cut and found himself out of work.

In the midst of adversity, Anderson took a different route in hopes of getting another NFL gig. 

He held a sign outside of the Houston Texans practice facility that read:

“Not homeless… but starving for success!!! #JoeAnderson will run routes 4 food #Whateverittakes #UnderDog #IBelieve #Hungry”

On Instagram, part of the picture’s caption read, “Lord it's all in your hands. All I know is that I believe it by faith and see it all happening even when it looks like a joke before the eyes of man! I fill myself with humility and say let your Will be done and use me to allow others to believe in your power!!!! I’m not looking at my situation with a worldly mindset, and that's what's gonna separate me. My hunger can't be matched [and] my heart can't be compared too. I'm outside the Houston Texans facility every morning because I [know] what type of gift God has blessed me with!!! A lot of people don't really live out the meaning, #WhateverItTakes [they're] just [saying] it!!! You gotta really live that junk if you say it, and believe in yourself and trust in the Lord. And living it [doesn’t] just mean hold up a sign!!

Today, that faith helped land the former Texas Southern footballer a home with the New York Jets.

It sounds like Christmas came a few days early for Anderson.